Our Adults

Oliver or Ollie (as we call him) is our longhaired black and cream stunner. He is very independent, extremely playful and adventurous. His favorite activities include playing fetch with a his tennis ball, long walks in the park, munching on dead leaves in the yard, and terrorizing the neighborhood squirrels. He comes from a predominantly cream bloodline which shows up in some of his striking features, mostly the highlights on his ears. 

Hazel is our longhaired chocolate and cream dapple princess. She is most content napping in any position possible, whether it looks comfortable or not. She loves to cuddle, give kisses, but also joins Oliver in his quest to rid the neighborhood of the squirrel menaces. 

Stella is the newest addition to our little pack. She is a stunning ee cream 9 month old who loves to stir up trouble with her housemates. Her temperament bridges the contrast between Oliver and Hazel by being the best of both worlds, playful and cuddly. She loves belly rubs, chewing up her blankets, and most importantly, treats. 

All of our adults are health tested and vet checked regularly to ensure quality and longevity. If you have any questions regarding health tests, please feel free to reach out via contact page.